Tips for Ordering the Right Restaurant Uniforms Successfully

Once you are done deciding on your menu and hiring staff, it is time to shift your focus toward the intricate details before launching your restaurant. Choosing uniforms for your staff is an excellent way of making a statement in a world, where every new day there is a restaurant opening somewhere. Here are some of the important tips for ordering the right ones from the restaurant uniforms supplier in Dubai.

Customize Your Restaurant Logo on the Uniform

As a restaurant owner, you might be aware that the smallest details count in maintaining the overall restaurant image. The same perception lies in the restaurant uniforms as well. Uniforms play a crucial role in your restaurant marketing. To take your branding level to a different height, make sure to invest in customized restaurant uniforms designed with your restaurant brand name or logo.

Stick to subtle restaurant uniforms that go well with your restaurant’s design theme apart from complementing its aesthetics.

Check into the Comfort Level

Apart from appearing of utmost professional and polished, make sure the uniforms you buy from the restaurant uniforms supplier in Dubai UAE are also functional. Your staff’s productivity and efficiency increase only when they feel comfortable wearing the uniforms all day. Since restaurant kitchens are the hottest, make sure to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics.

Uniform Fabric Selection; What to Buy and What to Avoid?

Keep away from nylons, owing to it can adhere to your body and provide minimum ventilation. Instead, go for moisture-wicking uniform fabrics. Besides, you also must choose uniforms that provide the best mobility for instance short-sleeved shirts and chef coat to ensure comfort when they are cooking.

The Uniform Colour Plays a Significant Role

The uniform colour is another statement-making factor. Colour psychology has always been on the frontline when it comes to clever marketing strategies. Restaurant managers can feel free to spike up their consumer’s appetites and reduce the same through colours. The right uniform colours can even calm down agitated customers and minimize the perception of their waiting period.

What Colours to Choose?

Bright vivid colour like orange and yellow is sure to grab your customer’s attention. However, customers prefer associating cooler shades like green with health. red on the other hand is a great colour to encourage appetite, making it one of the finest restaurant uniform colours.

The Look of the Uniform

The last tip for selecting the right restaurant uniform is to consider the future stains that the uniform has to bear. Spills are bound to happen when you are cooking, even inside professional kitchens. To keep up with a crisp and professional look, go for darker-coloured restaurant uniforms like navy blue or black since they can hide stains better. Also, go with easy-to-clean uniforms to make sure it doesn’t become a problem.

Owing to the inevitability of spills, ordering uniforms in bulk from the restaurant uniforms supplier in UAE is wise. Before you assign different responsibilities to your staff, consider placing your order for the uniforms in advance. Bulk ordering wouldn’t only help you save money in the long run but would also save you the hassle of re-ordering every month.

KhldalrsTips for Ordering the Right Restaurant Uniforms Successfully

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