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Sometimes to protection the staff from work hazards, or simply assists the customer to identify the staff on duty; sometimes to create a harmony and uniformity at the workplace; or simply to create a “mood” of a business environment; our sartorial masterpieces are there at different work places for different reasons.

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The fastest way to impress customers walking into a fast food outlet is to have a well dressed team of customer service professionals. A professional and fashionable dress code has the power to highlight trust and creditability of the fast food chain. We believe in this theory. No wonder we have an enviable list of fast food clients including the world’s most popular fast food chains. Be it KFC, Hardees, Yum, Fuddruckers, Americana, Krispy Kreme, Hardees, Sbarro, Just Falafel, The Coffee Beanery, Wimpy, Café Ceramique, Ponderosa, Caravan or Man2tooshe, the comfortable, fashionable and casual uniforms provided by Gem Uniforms are highly popular even among the staff.


Dress code for staff at restaurants and hotels helps to enhance the mood of the place and also assist customers to identify the staff. Our team works closely with each client to understand their business, before presenting design options. Besides the logo and badges, we use intricate embroidery works, comfortable fabrics, wisely chosen colours, trendy and classy cuttings, and much more to bring out the identity of the restaurant or hotel.

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We believe that having an elegant work get-up often make a lot of difference in the corporate world. A corporate dress code helps the staff to radiate certain qualities like seriousness, meticulousness and professionalism, while interacting with their co-workers, customers/clients and visitors.

Our sartorial splendors are equally appreciated by both men and women employees. We understand that different class of apparels goes for employees in different echelons. We cater to the needs of managers to working class. It is this skill that draws large corporate like Al Maha and World Central Dubai Aviation to choose us for this job.


Dress codes in the industrial environment are nearly as varied as the types of products the companies represent. What we offer for BEEAH is entirely different from what we offer for Secure Park. Mostly, industrial uniforms work as a protective shield from work hazards, and they ensure safety at the work places. At Gem Uniforms we take extra care to source the finest, high quality materials for these purposes. We offer a range of utility wears to meet the specifications of various industrial work environments including manufacturing, warehousing, construction and so on.


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Here it is about protection and safety! In the Oil & Gas industry, workers are exposed to daily threats like flash fires and high temperatures. At Gem Uniforms, we create Fire Resistant uniforms which will act as a safety shield for the workers who risk their life every second in such highly explosive work environments. Things are little different for work dress at the Gas Stations. It has to be more charming, attractive and pleasing. Then only, it gives customers a welcoming feel while they queue up to fill gas. We pride in providing uniforms for the UAE’s leading fuel suppliers like ENOC and EPPCO.


Right from ancient days, uniform has been playing a crucial role in the defense and security fronts. Besides adding a team spirit, it calls for an element of fear among the public as well as symbolizes the law and order system in the society. At Gem Uniforms, we cater to the specialized needs of this industry and provide all the accessories along with the uniforms. Bespoke designs and durable fabrics are the key features of our range of security uniforms.
uniform manufacturers in ajman

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